Steve Jobs

Yesterday I finished reading Steve Jobs’ biography and loved every single sentence. It’s hard to call it the best book I’ve ever read because the quality of this book has nothing to do with the writing skills of its author. It’s the story, the most amazing and inspiring story I’ve ever encountered.

And here I am, reading about Steve’s life on an iPad. I double tap on the the words I don’t know and get an instant explanation. I quickly switch over to google to check out a new character and associate a face to a name. I watched the legendary 1984 ad and the unveiling of the first Macintosh on Youtube. Everything is so vivid and immediate that I feel like I’m living through Steve’s life together with him. And it’s all happening on an iPad.

Amazingly enough, last week I also met someone who has been very close to Steve and his family, and, when shown the first iPod many years ago, said “Huh, this is never going to work”. 🙂

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